Bringing the Homeless to Sweet Home

Vision - Mission

Bring the Homeless to Sweet Home

little wood house gardens for the homeless

Ling Ling Shi, an author and inspirational artist and song writer,

Her story is a story of tears and adversity and affliction and brokenness,

her story is a story of music and dream and hope and love.

Ling Ling’s life experience gave her deep understanding and compassion for those who are brokenhearted, who are jobless and destitute, who are poor and weak, who cannot speak
for themselves, who desperately need help.

Ling Ling, has a heavenly vision and blueprint to build little wood houses for the nationwide 600,000 homeless in America to let them have little sweet homes filled with the cares and loves from churches, businesses, governments and communities. This vision and blueprint are creative, practical, simple, efficient, effective, long-term and thrifty plans
to help the homeless; This vision and blue print can be fulfilled by only using $2 billion to solve entire nation 600,000 homeless’ basic living needs and sweet home to live. This vision could be fulfilled within one-year period if we work hard together with the heart of “love your neighbor as yourself”. In August 2016, Ling Ling sent the vision and her advocacy to President Obama and 50 states’ governors, now, the mission is continuing.

Sing out the dream and blueprint for the homeless to have sweet home is one of the ways to help the homeless to be taken care of.

Ling Ling Shi will sing out the dream and blueprint to communities, states and local governments, churches and businesses to deliver the vision and message for entire homeless people’s living needs and rights.

Let's Sing Song of Salvation!  

Amazing Love, Amazing Grace

Music Lyric and Singing by: Ling Ling Shi

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