The U.S. Congress and America’s unsolvable puzzles and chaos can be solved by a Chinese American, Ling Ling Shi. A wisdom medicine girl is running for America and the world, to be healed and to have hope!

Though Ling Ling Shi, a Chinese American, an independent candidate for the U.S. Senator in the 2016 & 2018 California Primary Election, did not advance into 2018 November General Election in California, she continues her mission called by God since 2008 to deliver the urgent messages and wisdom medicines of healing for America.

By producing a documentary “Song of Salvation -Drawing America” and “Song of Salvation Campaign”, Ling Ling She will unveil heavenly prescriptions for healing America land and solve the U.S. Congress and America’s unsolvable puzzles and chaos. In addition, Ling Ling Shi’s two message and wisdom medicine books “Deliver the Urgent Messages for America” and “Build An American ARK” will officially be released to the world, to speak the truth to the nations for the sake of all humanity and lands to be healed and to have living hope in God’s amazing grace and love. In wisdom and in arts, in time of crisis, her journey is carrying on.

Led by Lord Jesus Christ, In the past 10 years, through different platforms and channels, Ling Ling Shi delivered the urgent messages and wisdom medicines to President Obama of United States, Vice President, the Cabinet of the United States, leaders in different government branches, 50 states’ governors, churches and churches’ leaders. From different perspectives, shed the light of political and economic reforms and convey the wisdom medicines of healing to people and leaders. Now, the urgent awakening call “Wake Up and Revival in the Truth” is being sent out to America again in time of crisis. The mission and journey of Ling Ling Shi, are the life calling from God to plant seeds of heavenly dreams for America in the soil of the Truth and in the hearts of people. Ling Ling Shi, a servant of the Lord, has diligently worked on the Will of God, run the race for God’s Heart and America’s freedom.

The Music is Drum, and the Dream is Flower. “Song of Salvation Campaign” and the documentary “Song of Salvation---Drawing America” filming events welcome you to come, Playing the Drums and Passing the Flowers.

May the flowers of heavenly dreams for America blossom in the fields and in the hearts; May the wisdom prescriptions from above lead America political and economic systems to the path of the Truth, to propel America to become a nation pleasing God and truly be blessed and bless others, to honor God, to be the truly light of the world and salt of the earth, shine like a star in the Universe in this depraved generation.

"Song of Salvation Concert Solo Classic"---time and location:

Concert Hall:
Bonita Center for the Arts
822 W. Covina Blvd. , San Dimas, CA 91773

Time: 04/03/2019      Wednesday    7:00 pm     Concert Ticket:$20/seat

For group tickets, please send email to :

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For the sake of America’s tomorrow and hope,
for the sake of the world’s tomorrow and hope,
a welcome invitation is sending out to those
who have dreams and aspirations,
who never give up to strive to thrive,
who are seeking the truth!
Come, friends,
together with Ling Ling Shi,
Let’s play the drums and pass the flowers!
The music is drum, and the dream is flower!

“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive,
full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”
(James 3:17)

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