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Work Together for the Truth
The U.S. Congress and America’s unsolvable puzzles and chaos
can be solved by a Chinese American, Ling Ling Shi. A wisdom medicine girl is running for America and the world, to be healed and to have hope!

“Song of Salvation Concert救赎之歌音乐会”及摄制记录片
“救赎之歌--- Drawing America绘画美国”的系列活动,

Behold! Heavenly Healing Medicines are upon the land of America-"My Soul Can See"-17 pages poem is waking up America!

17页医治美国良药英文长诗“My Soul Can See我灵看见"

Crowdfunding for "My Soul Can See" Poem Reading Journey


Welcome you to "Playing the Drums, Passing the Flowers." 邀请你来, “击鼓传花”专栏
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