"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

Wells ARK Academy Student Career Opportunity

Learning & Working Opportunity of WellsARK.com is open to:

1. Wells ARK Academy students:

Student Affiliate Program is the Learning & Working Opportunity which is designed for Wells ARK Academy students. It helps students to establish their own business or career with WellsARK.com.

Qualification: Completion of Theme One, Theme Two and Theme Three and pass Test (online quiz).

2. Enrolled Students in Christian Seminary, Bible College or Bible School will be considered as “Wells ARK Academy Honor Student” and are qualified to apply Student Affiliate Program. For Pre-Qualification, please send your one year transcripts to: ARKstudentcareer@wellsark.com

Learning & Working Opportunity: Student Affiliate Program

If you have computer, you can consider to establish your own career with WellsARK.com!

Student Affiliate Program is letting you become an authorized “WellsARK sub-hub” and enjoy a friendly online management & operation website system to do business in the area of education, advertising, trading and retail.

Let us fly to the realm of blessings side by side and hand in hand!

天籁之音方舟网站的奖学创业计划, 为下列学生所设:

1. 方舟学苑学生:

方舟学苑的学生, 在完成第一主题, 第二主题, 第三主题学习及通过网上测验之后, 就可以加入 “方舟创业计划”.

2. 基督教神学院, 圣经学院及圣经学校的在校学生:

可以以”方舟学苑荣誉学生”的资格,申请天籁之音向方舟学苑学生设立的奖学创业计划. 为确认资格,请提供最近一年的学院成绩单,送到: ARKstudentcareer@wellsark.com


你只需一部电脑, 就可以创业了! 你可以成为天籁之音方舟网站的一个中端枢纽 (WellsARK sub-hub), 受权参于方舟网站管理运行之特定项目,如: 招生,广告, 贸易,销售.

Let us fly to the realm of blessings side by side and hand in hand!

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